Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Internships Abroad

Internships abroad are a relatively new and still not fully explored and widespread concept. They are a branch of a broader education abroad phenomenon in higher education that have still generally not gone mainstream in many countries.

Considered as a privilege for the elite or doomed inaccessible for the masses due to structural, academic, language, and financial constraints, studying abroad is slowly opening up opportunities for students.  Internships abroad have a real chance of changing educational landscape and extending learning beyond the usual classroom. 

As studying abroad is contributing to the development of new cohorts of global citizens, internships abroad are shaping the new generation of globally trained and easily accessible candidates, able to comfortably compete for job openings wherever they happen to be. The invaluable professional experiences interning abroad brings about are becoming more available. Their biggest advantage in today’s economy seems to be the creation of required skills and the emergence of a mindset capable of grasping the complexities of globalised and interconnected world on a practical, individual level. 

Commitment to not only studying abroad, but actually immersing oneself in the professional community in another country carries an immense value when competing for a job. Internships abroad are becoming the necessary commitment all students should fit into their course of studies.

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