Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pop Prototyp

At the 'ProWein' , International Fair for Wines and Spirits, in Dusseldorf, Germany, Popabroad's "Education and Innovation" brand extension called Pop Prototyp, offered its pre-market services focused on the Polish market to a host of leading producers from Portugal, Spain, South Africa, America, New Zealand, and Germany. 

The feedback received was very positive and organizations indicated a strong interest in opportunities in the Polish market. Many producers simply want importing opportunities for their current products that at an educational level such findings can be researched. The main question was how?

Pop Prototyp's position on this was that they will work closely with researchers and students at the University of Lodz in Poland and with MBA students at London School of Business and Management in central London as well as Interns recruited through Popabroad from America and other countries to assess opportunities via case studies, brand audits and alternative (Social Market) researching methods. Concerns of measurability for research and development was addressed in two batches.

The first batch is a tangible prototype. Besides a marketing report provided to clients at the end of each project a printed/assembled prototype is developed. As an example it could be in the form of a soft drink pouch package for sampling for promotional purposes or an interactive online prototype that can be used for on demand purchases.

The second batch is feedback. A combination of social channels or from direct methods of sampling potential opportunity. At an educational level clients can reduce costs associated with hiring a marketing firm. Plus, Pop Prototyp's service is for a full calendar year at an educational rate. The international students/interns/researchers taking part in these projects may also provide a word of mouth channel that could inflate equity across borders just because they have a real world project to work on. 

This hands on approach to an international project will provide our clients with an exceptional pre-market service and our participants with experience that can be showcased at a future job interview or land them a position in the process.