Monday, June 29, 2009

Linkthings360 China Town

Potential UK international students may want to take a look at some of these 360 photos at Linkthings360. Follow the link to a photo taken in China Town. In this area of the city you can see Leicester Square, Soho, and Covent Garden.
Digital Studies 
For a student in the UK, entertainment can be integrated into your studies. A prime example is the innovative program at BathSpa University called Digital Design

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mobile Coding

After receiving a number of requests for information about the University of Glamorgan's MSc in Mobile Telecommunications Management, Popabroad began exploring the mobile sector and found areas that could be researched further. On the tube, I read a popular men's magazine called ShortList, that published an article about mobile phones in Japan and their ability to gratify an audience on the go. Living here in London, I have caught more than an eye full of gadgets and mobile content. Mobile technology in my opinion does not look like a trend. 

During more research, QR Codes caught Popabroad's attention. These codes have the ability to hold content, not that much (about 150 characters) before your phone can't make sense of the codes but they have the potential for much more. In response, Popabroad began developing a mobile coding project called Seed Codes. The project is a social promotion to combine mobile coding with nature. It is something that everyone can participate in online.

QR Codes are not used that often in the UK nor throughout Europe. In North America the codes are even less known. On the seedcodes website there is a link page that provides more information and links to downloading software to your phone in order for you to scan these the codes. Aside from Popabroad's interest in mobile coding, Bath University in the UK, not on Popabroad representation list, is conducting further research and appears to be integrating this technology into the higher education sector.

The course that Popabroad can recommend is this MSc program at the University of Glamorgan. It is a course that students may have the opportunity to develop and learn how to manage mobile technology. 
If you would like to contribute in some way to the development of mobile coding please add to the seed count and give Popabroad's Hatch Incubator development a push start.

ShortList Issue 80/14 May 2009
The Magnificent Future of the Mobile Phone 
Jim Harris