Friday, October 2, 2009

Cult Film and TV-Studies in London

Where do the creators of Vampire fiction movies hang out?

According to Brunel University in west London, "Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of interest around the patterns and traditions of cult film and television. Whether defined by horror, kung-fu or science fiction film, or fantasy television formats such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, critical interest in cult media has become a prominent source of interest for the academic and the cult film/TV fan alike. This new, cutting-edge MA is the first academic programme of its kind dedicated to the study of global traditions of cult media. Check out details here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ecological Impact In Bath

The thermal spa in Bath can be an ecological delight in itself. The water temperature may be at a similar degree when the Romans first threw a cursed pledge into its waters and today remains a central location for well being. Besides the warm waters and friendly people, I encountered a photography open air exhibit called "Earth from the Air" by the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, that had a splendid overtone of Ecology. 
In response to this exhibit, I would like to promote a graduate program that may help foster knowledge needed for managing our environment.

The postgraduate program, Ecological Impact Assessment is at Bath Spa University. According to Bath Spa's prospectus, "the course addresses skill gaps identified by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and the British Ecological Society, in terms of: Biological survey; data interpretation; environmental legislation; and, professional practice."
Please have a look at this link for more information and contact me for an application.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

QR Codes in Education

Creating a survey for a dissertation or a report can be difficult because people may not want to go online or be bothered by filling in a paper form. For anyone that has tried this on the street it can be even more difficult to get a person's attention. From a personal experience of mine of taking a student survey during my MA thesis in London, I realized that most people will not stop to chat especially when there is shopping to be done. 

Possible Solution
Create a mobile survey. Find mobile free site like Winksite, make a free QR Code with a link directly to the mobile survey and include the code in your project. Scan the one above for an example. It will lead you to this survey.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Linkthings360 China Town

Potential UK international students may want to take a look at some of these 360 photos at Linkthings360. Follow the link to a photo taken in China Town. In this area of the city you can see Leicester Square, Soho, and Covent Garden.
Digital Studies 
For a student in the UK, entertainment can be integrated into your studies. A prime example is the innovative program at BathSpa University called Digital Design

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mobile Coding

After receiving a number of requests for information about the University of Glamorgan's MSc in Mobile Telecommunications Management, Popabroad began exploring the mobile sector and found areas that could be researched further. On the tube, I read a popular men's magazine called ShortList, that published an article about mobile phones in Japan and their ability to gratify an audience on the go. Living here in London, I have caught more than an eye full of gadgets and mobile content. Mobile technology in my opinion does not look like a trend. 

During more research, QR Codes caught Popabroad's attention. These codes have the ability to hold content, not that much (about 150 characters) before your phone can't make sense of the codes but they have the potential for much more. In response, Popabroad began developing a mobile coding project called Seed Codes. The project is a social promotion to combine mobile coding with nature. It is something that everyone can participate in online.

QR Codes are not used that often in the UK nor throughout Europe. In North America the codes are even less known. On the seedcodes website there is a link page that provides more information and links to downloading software to your phone in order for you to scan these the codes. Aside from Popabroad's interest in mobile coding, Bath University in the UK, not on Popabroad representation list, is conducting further research and appears to be integrating this technology into the higher education sector.

The course that Popabroad can recommend is this MSc program at the University of Glamorgan. It is a course that students may have the opportunity to develop and learn how to manage mobile technology. 
If you would like to contribute in some way to the development of mobile coding please add to the seed count and give Popabroad's Hatch Incubator development a push start.

ShortList Issue 80/14 May 2009
The Magnificent Future of the Mobile Phone 
Jim Harris

Friday, May 8, 2009

Course List

Popabroad has created a partial list of courses for the Universities/Schools that it represents. In this list are both postgraduate and undergraduate programs. If you would like any further information or application guidance contact Popabroad. Please keep in mind that the cut off dates for September 2009 will be coming up soon for international students. Course List

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Social Funds

Is your higher education worth the socialization?

Social networking sites are popping up everywhere on the web and due to the economic downturn many international students are chasing their dreams by creating profiles on social lending sites such as GreenNote, CollegeNet, Gradefund and Virgin Money.

There seems to be a slight shift taking place regarding an age old practicing question, "Can I borrow that." A number of these sites do nothing more than what students probably have tried before, asking family and friends for money. Catch phrases can be read as a community effort. Since when has education not been community based. Even online education facilities offer groups to join which are in one form or another a community. 

On the upside for creating a profile is your accessibility for gathering interest and or delivering the "Pitch" will be more convenient. Asking for the cash offers students a bit of wiggle room so they do not feel too needy. Not a bad idea, besides, a number of students do not have much to lose in the process because their way of life is embedded into this socialization of identity.

The problem I see with generating cash is the low level of disposable income source within the young demographic that these sites are targeting. The do it your self approach to the borrowing mechanism would be even better if the students could network within a future hiring organisation. For any individual or group wanting to invest in education this could be the next investment bubble. From an investors lens if a student turns out to be the next average paid employee your 6.5 percent or whatever you make on your investment could pay out  a solid return. To push the idea even further this social borrowing could foster a revolution of technology. 

Big ideas, like that catch phrase "think globally, act locally."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait graduates

A recent article I read in the London Student 'Can't get a Job? Become an Intern!', comments on the UK government getting involved in developing a solution for the 400,000 graduates it claims will have a hard time finding work in this recession. If these interns work for companies that can stimulate the economy there maybe some optimism in finding an internship and it will lower the unemployment rate. There is some competition now for developing internships. In the past month, Popabroad contacted a number of international coordinators in charge of the student internship programs at Universities in the US and received feedback that students attempt to find international internships on their own. "Our students are very Savvy in finding internships abroad," stated Traci Buss, who is the academic coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Buss also commented that many students are working their way through degree programs and that she tends not to guide her students towards fee based programs. In our conversation, I presented UWM with an international work program that Popabroad is designing which is fee based.  In response to student costs,  I explained that the costs covered housing, meals, some travel, and a project management certification from a business school in central London. Costs maybe relative to conditions but students need to look for programs that will provide a learning experience as well as boost their employability. I have a feeling that the government sponsored internships will fill up fast.
Popabroad-Hatch is developing an incentive package that will also give funds back to the post- program participants but it will be through entrepreneurship and a lot of hard work.

London Student Volume 29, Issue 7.19th January 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A 20 hour work week for International Students

There are part-time jobs for international students in London. I was taking photographs on Great Portland Street for the Linkthings360 site and found the International Students House just across the street which posts vacancies on their website.
If you have an unconditional offer at any programs in the UK and would like to work part-time I suggest contacting the student development office. Universities like Brunel have a placement and careers center that can help international students with establishing an employer as well as counseling on current regulations. Roehampton has a program called ROAD that works with current students to make them more employable. 

Plenty of American Pie to go around

Almost one year ago there was an article written in the Guardian "Bye bye American Pie: students become the next victims of the credit crunch," and there is growing pessimism about the future of US abroad degree programs. The universities abroad that are listed under FAFSA may still see enrollment from US borrowing students but many schools attempting to attract students from America may have to offer more scholarships. Universities in London like Roehampton posts scholarship information that it offers US students 4 postgraduate scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships are promoted at other Universities across the UK. Glamorgan University offers undergraduate scholarships and any student who applies automatically has a chance at the funding. Students that take programs in the UK can work up to 20 hours a week on their student visas. This may off-set some of the fees and if the student stays during the summer they can work full-time.  So pie is not given away but American students need to plan further ahead for their experience abroad.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Education Commodities

With many jobs in jeopardy students are facing higher education cost and less opportunity. A recent article in the London Student, 'Universities to become 'handmaidens of industry' comments about a report published by the Department for Innovation (DIUS), that "many students lack the skills needed by employers".  The article goes on to comment that there needs to be a greater level of support for integrating university programs with industry. Do Universities have a responsibility to design programs for employment? Universities are businesses as well. The dilemma facing students is can I afford to enroll in a University when I know I have a slim chance of getting a job afterwards. The commodity of education from this perspective seems to be what it is worth today. 
Source: London Student
Volume 29, Issue 8-2nd February 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Umbrellas and Entrepreneurship

Is it interesting when current event articles raise awareness of the need for entrepreneurship?
There was an article written in the "Evening Standard" which I purchased for 50 pence because they were giving away rather nice umbrellas. Considering that I live in London and if you take a long walk you are sure to see some damaged; left for dead, umbrellas lying on a side walk. It looked like a good deal. The article, "Get real, Harriet, you've set out on the wrong road to social mobility," written by Anne McElvoy describes how people without connections may find it even harder to find a job after their higher education studies than those with social connections. This article appears to highlight a real element of pressure for schools and educators to integrate some practical work experience into the education system.
In my opinion, opportunity is not like a coloring book that educators have full control over the colors but rather can assist in its application, design and mandate programs that integrate theory with practicality. This middle ground between theory and application has been for a long period of time the work of entrepreneurs that invent, design and implement solutions. For example, universities like Brunel have developed a business center that works with local, regional and international organizations on research or practical design projects used in the market place. Entrepreneurship at this level is supported by providing students with an opportunity to present their career aims and a reward scheme for developing innovative solutions or potential new organizations. Students have to be very proactive and seek out the opportunity. In other words mobility has two sides: the student's ability that is highly dependent on motivation, and outlets for a practical working experience. These programs of opportunity can be placements, internships or implemented directly into the course curriculum. So who needs an umbrella when the chance for opportunity is about social mobility? I went to school to learn something which is different than going to school for a job.
Reference printed version, Wednesday 14, January 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Entry

I am back in London, UK after a long US east coast higher education recruitment tour. The consultancy I developed, Popabroad, was recruiting undergraduate and postgraduate students for Brunel University, Bath Spa University, LIBT, London School of Business and Management, FIC, University of Glamorgan and Roehampton University. During this tour I got the chance to meet a lot of people and potential international students. I learned of the needs many of these students have when it comes to studying abroad.
Over the next few months I will address many of these questions and concerns and will post material about internship opportunities which seemed to be one of the main topics while visiting schools in the States.