Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our new face

Head over to our new facebook page! We are changing our brand around a bit by going back to where we started. In 2006, we began recruiting international students to study primarily in the UK.  This year we will be working for students interested in studying in other parts of the world like the US, Canada and Eastern Europe. Besides recruitment, we will be developing creative projects like QR4 World which is gaining attention in more than 30 countries. Pop over to our new page.

Friday, June 17, 2011

QR4World Show

Entries are in for A QR Code for the World-exhibiton to take place on June 24th at the Winston House in London.

The theme of the show is Connecting People. 

QR's have been around since the 1970's. They were primarily used to track items during shipping or manufacturing. With the advancement of micro technology and global communication systems as well as mobile handset development, QR Codes are becoming more than a logistic item. The QR Codes are now connecting people to all sorts of digital content that can be shared across borders.

There are many creative ways to use a QR Code and we will see how participants from different countries apply the QR's to a postcard size material. 

Partial list of Exhibitors:

Frederic Daubagna-aestetype (France), Philip Warbasse (USA), Jassen Popp (USA), Monkey Design (Taiwan), Twan Verdonck (Netherlands), Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni (Switzerland), Micah Olson-Walt Horton Studios (USA), Laird-QRazy Art (USA), Nothing Like Chocolate (Grenada), Bartek (Poland), Lynnda Pardoe (USA), David Popp (USA) 

A selection of postcard size images will be viewable at Popabroad

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

QR Code Exhibition-London

QR Code For the World—Calling For Entries (London, UK) – A QR Code postcard exhibition is calling all aspiring artists, website owners, bloggers, students, organizations, and anyone that has an interest in QR codes to create a postcard-size work and enter it in an exhibition in central London at the Winston House.

There is one crucial design requirement: the postcard must incorporate a QR Code. We encourage all participants to use a QR Code that they like or have designed.  However, upon entry each entry will receive a QR Code that can be used to customize their postcard. Five postcards will be selected by Sotheby’s Institute of Art and further displayed at their London Institute from July 5, 2011. 

Theme:  Connecting People 

The exhibition attempts to encourage the use of QR Codes across a variety of sectors and interest levels throughout the world. Perhaps this event will provoke a global discussion about about how QR Codes can or should be used in communication material such as postcards.

Who is Eligible: The exhibition is open to individuals and groups worldwide. 

Entry Deadline: June 11, 2011 

Exhibition Date: June 24, 2011

Where: Winston House, London, UK 

Entry Fee: See website or visit 

This is an exciting time to engage a variety of organizations and individuals such as artists, designers, marketers, and website owners to participate in the advancing use of QR codes. The exhibition is being organized by Jassen Popp, Founder/Designer at Popabroad. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Study Gaming in the UK

Do you have the potential to engage in, and experiment with, practical games creation, with workshops lead by designers working in the industry? Would you like to explore a range of theories and concepts with which to analyse the values of games, play and pleasure. We are recruiting students for a range of gaming studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Contact us for details.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Internships Abroad

Internships abroad are a relatively new and still not fully explored and widespread concept. They are a branch of a broader education abroad phenomenon in higher education that have still generally not gone mainstream in many countries.

Considered as a privilege for the elite or doomed inaccessible for the masses due to structural, academic, language, and financial constraints, studying abroad is slowly opening up opportunities for students.  Internships abroad have a real chance of changing educational landscape and extending learning beyond the usual classroom. 

As studying abroad is contributing to the development of new cohorts of global citizens, internships abroad are shaping the new generation of globally trained and easily accessible candidates, able to comfortably compete for job openings wherever they happen to be. The invaluable professional experiences interning abroad brings about are becoming more available. Their biggest advantage in today’s economy seems to be the creation of required skills and the emergence of a mindset capable of grasping the complexities of globalised and interconnected world on a practical, individual level. 

Commitment to not only studying abroad, but actually immersing oneself in the professional community in another country carries an immense value when competing for a job. Internships abroad are becoming the necessary commitment all students should fit into their course of studies.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Internships in Poland


The internships take place in Poland with the University of Lodz and a mobile marketing company.

The Internships are 4 or 8 weeks in duration, and are unpaid. Interns work together in a supervised mentor-lead group and may also be assigned an independent project during the program.

The intern will be working side-by side with professionals and with local representatives on an international project. This may include participation on project teams, research, and assisting international marketing officers in an educational context.

More info at goabroad.com 

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Popabroad adds MADE IN AMERICA - QR Code image to its portfolio of designs.  The design is an interactive representation of a US flag. The idea is for people to scan the QR Code with their cell phone and find out what products and services are made in America. More info