Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love & Gratitude

Love & Gratitude, a florist boutique in Golders Green, is harnessing the 50 Million Dollar QR Code to market their flower shop across London. The boutique is offering customers who mention the 'QR Code'  a 50 % discount on all floral arrangements who visit their shop on the high street.  

Popabroad is developing these voucher style mobile promotions for clients that want to increase foot traffic through their retail outlets and for generating traffic to online stores. As the 50 Million Dollar QR Code gets more popular so do the businesses and sites connected to it. 

The 50 Million Dollar QR Code ad campaign can work for almost any personal or business related product, service and event. For example, if you have an ebay store and would like to promote your items, Popabroad can design you a mobile page and link your seller's page to the 50 Million Dollar QR Code

Connecting your site to the code is just the beginning. The more popular the code becomes the more we will promote it both online and offline. Plus we provide you with your own QR Code that links to your newly created mobile page so anyone that scans it will land directly on your page. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

50 Million Dollar QR Code

Popabroad is now hosting the '50 Million Dollar QR Code' ad campaign, a first of its kind for mobile marketing. Anyone with a website, blog, networking page can take part in it. The idea is to make 2011 the 'Year of the QR Code' by building the world's most valuable QR Code out of identity features like logos. This QR Code has the potential to link over 1 million websites into one single image. Sites that are attached to the QR will be readable on a mobile phone.
"For organizations who would like to mobilize their marketing efforts this can be a affordable gateway for exploring QR Codes as well as an opportunity to be part of mobile history." Jassen Popp (Founder/Designer)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Social Card with Memory

Tississippi offers the first of its kind social greeting card with the power to remember things. Each time a person interacts with the card it collects memory. You can expand the card's memory by adding stories, photos, videos, songs, and even tweets to it online and with your mobile phone.

The card can be purchased online at Zazzle where you can personalize it with your own photos and text. 

View Card.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mgoing Abroad

How can Higher Education Institutions reach the 'Thumb Generation' ? 

Well just not thumbers but savvy, smart, highly intelligent and sometimes very mobile students.

The questions should be rephrased to: How can Universities engage 'thumbers' in their brand.

Popabroad has taken an active step in this direction with its Mgoing publication available this fall, 2010.

Try it! Scan one of our QR Codes :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internships in Poland

Popabroad is publishing an interactive global education magazine this fall and has internships available to international students and recent graduates. 

The internships are 10 weeks in duration, and are unpaid. Interns work together in a supervised mentor-lead group at the PopHatch office and at the University of Lodz. 

The intern will be working side-by-side with professionals and with local representatives on an international project. This may include participation on project teams, research, and assisting international marketing officers in an educational context.

This is a fee based program which includes: Room & Board.

Not included: Flight to Poland and travel insurance. 

Internships are open to international students 18 years of age.

What's Available:




Contact Popabroad for details and an application.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pop Prototyp

At the 'ProWein' , International Fair for Wines and Spirits, in Dusseldorf, Germany, Popabroad's "Education and Innovation" brand extension called Pop Prototyp, offered its pre-market services focused on the Polish market to a host of leading producers from Portugal, Spain, South Africa, America, New Zealand, and Germany. 

The feedback received was very positive and organizations indicated a strong interest in opportunities in the Polish market. Many producers simply want importing opportunities for their current products that at an educational level such findings can be researched. The main question was how?

Pop Prototyp's position on this was that they will work closely with researchers and students at the University of Lodz in Poland and with MBA students at London School of Business and Management in central London as well as Interns recruited through Popabroad from America and other countries to assess opportunities via case studies, brand audits and alternative (Social Market) researching methods. Concerns of measurability for research and development was addressed in two batches.

The first batch is a tangible prototype. Besides a marketing report provided to clients at the end of each project a printed/assembled prototype is developed. As an example it could be in the form of a soft drink pouch package for sampling for promotional purposes or an interactive online prototype that can be used for on demand purchases.

The second batch is feedback. A combination of social channels or from direct methods of sampling potential opportunity. At an educational level clients can reduce costs associated with hiring a marketing firm. Plus, Pop Prototyp's service is for a full calendar year at an educational rate. The international students/interns/researchers taking part in these projects may also provide a word of mouth channel that could inflate equity across borders just because they have a real world project to work on. 

This hands on approach to an international project will provide our clients with an exceptional pre-market service and our participants with experience that can be showcased at a future job interview or land them a position in the process. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brunel Study Abroad

Brunel University based in west London, UK has added a Study Abroad program to its competitive range of international programs. According to Brunel International, "The University is dedicated to providing a world class education for its 13,000 students, which includes an international student population of more than 2,000, who come from over 110 different countries." 

In the United States, "Brunel University currently maintains undergraduate student exchange agreements with the San Francisco State University (Design, Sport Sciences), State University New York (SUNY) Brockport (Social Sciences, Arts, Sport Sciences and Business), and Iowa State University (Mechanical Engineering)." 

Brunel has two main terms for their study abroad program, Junior Year/ Term Abroad.

Junior Year Abroad-One Full Academic Year

"The Junior Year is an academic year of study, from September to the end of May in the following calendar year. It consists of three terms; two teaching periods of 12 weeks each-the Autumn and Spring Terms-and the summer period of revision and examinations."

Autumn or Spring Term- One semester

"Autumn or Spring Term Abroad runs for the 12 weeks of the first term from late September to mid December. The Spring Term option begins in January and runs for the 12 weeks of the second term, followed by the Summer period of revision and examinations." Additionally there is an option for Junior year abroad and terms with English called JYA plus English for non-English speaking students.

There is a wide selection of courses to choose from in the Arts, Social Sciences, Sports Science and Foreign Languages. Please see course list.

Please contact Popabroad for information regarding Brunel's study abroad program for application assistance.